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 +From the Ten Tec Reflector, June 7, 2005
 +I will tell you what I know about Omni VI IF filter possibilities.
 +All Omni VI versions have a 15 kHz BW 2 pole crystal filter as the 1st 
 +filter in the 9 MHz IF. This filter is in the receive signal path at all 
 +times for all modes.
 +The next filter in the Omni VI is a 2.4 kHz BW 8 pole crystal filter, ​
 +also in the 9 MHz IF. It is always in both the TX and RX signal path for 
 +all modes except FM.
 +The third filter in an Omni VI is also in the 9 MHz IF. It is only in 
 +the RX signal path, and it can be switched in or out. It is controlled ​
 +by the NAR button in options 1 and 2. In option 3 Omni VI and in the 
 +Omni VI + there is space for two narrow optional filters in the 9 MHz 
 +IF, and they are controlled by the N-1 and N-2 buttons. You can use one 
 +or the other, or neither, but not both cascaded. When you select one of 
 +these filters it is cascaded with the 2.4 kHz 8 pole filter and the 15 
 +kHz 2 pole filter mentioned above. The 9 MHz IF option filter(s) can be 
 +used in any mode except FM. They are only in the RX signal path not TX.
 +The next filters in the Omni VI are on the Pass Band Tuning board. This 
 +is the 6.3 MHz IF. One of four filters on this board can be selected ​
 +using the 2.4, 1.8, 500 and 250 buttons on a version 1 or 2 Omni VI. On 
 +a version 3 or + Omni VI there is no 2.4 button. You are using the 2.4 
 +(stock standard) filter whenever you don't have 1.8, 500 or 250 
 +selected. You always use one and only one at a time, they are not 
 +cascade able.
 +Since you operate so much SSB, you will probably want either the 218 1.8 
 +kHz filter as your narrow 9 MHz option filter, or perhaps the 220 2.4 
 +kHz or one of Inrad'​s filters. Or you may find that you like CW much 
 +more with the Omni VI than you ever have before. There is still hope for 
 +you. You may decide on the 217 500 Hz filter instead. With a version 1 
 +or 2, you only have one 9 MHz option filter space.
 +It is my understanding that the only stock filters in the Omni VI are 
 +the 15 kHz 2 pole and the 2.4 kHz 8 pole in the 9 MHz IF, and the 2.4 
 +kHz filter in the 6.3 Mhz IF. This leaves you one slot to fill in the 9 
 +MHz IF in a version 1 or 2, and two 9 MHz slots to fill in a version 3 
 +or +. In all versions there are 3 slots open in the 6.3 MHz IF, assuming ​
 +only the 2.4 kHz stock filter is installed.
 +I am sure you will love the Omni VI. It is a great radio.
 +73 DE N6KB

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