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 +====== Ten-Tec Manuals ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector March 17, 2003**
 +If you notice copies of our manuals for sale as an ongoing enterprise, I would like to hear about it.  There have been various instances of this over the several years I have been here.
 +Ten-Tec does not authorize anyone to be a distributor of our equipment manuals as we continue to hold title to them and make available copies of manuals for virtually anything we have ever built.
 +There have been instances of Ten-Tec manuals available for sale on CD-ROM - none of these are authorized by us.  We have not made
 +copies of our manuals available (to date) in an electronic format.
 +Of course, a copy of a manual that was obtained from us as original either as a replacement or with a piece of Ten-Tec equipment and
 +sold as a used, original manual as a casual sale is exempted. ​ We are only interested in preventing our copyright from being violated.
 +Scott Robbins\\ ​
 +Amateur Radio Product Manager

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