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Welcome to the TenTecWiki! The primary goal of the TenTecWiki is to provide a reference for amateur radio equipment that has been produced by Ten-Tec, Incorporated. over the years. 1)

As with any wiki, users are encouraged to contribute by creating new pages or editing/correcting/adding to existing pages. Please review the wiki guidelines and help files. You must register/log in if you wish to add or edit any wiki pages.2) If you are a new user and wish to register, email N1EU. The online registration has been disabled due to the volume of spam user registrations. You do not have to register/log in to view the pages in the wiki.

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Ten-Tec Manuals are not available from the TenTecWiki. Ten-Tec manuals are available for purchase or download directly from Ten-Tec. Please visit the Ten-Tec Service Department web pagefor purchase information. Some older equipment manuals can be downloaded from the Obsolete Manuals Page.

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Brief History

Ten-Tec was founded in 1968 by Al Kahn, K4FW (SK), and Jack Burchfield, K4JU. Mr. Kahn became a Silent Key in 2005.

The TenTecWiki is not associated with or sponsored by Ten-Tec, Incorporated.
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