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 +====== Argonaut V & Ten-Tec Radio Naming ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector May 8, 2002**
 +The Argonaut V is the '​fifth'​ Argonaut. ​ The first three were the 505, 509, and 515.  The 535 was the fourth, and the 516 is the 5th.
 +Which leads immediately to two more questions: ​ Why was the 4th Argonaut called Argonaut II, and what about the Argo 556?
 +There were two reasons we called the 535 Argonaut II - one was that the 505, 509 and 515 could be a '​series'​ of Argonauts, and
 +the 535 was the '​second'​ series of Argonaut. ​ Also, the Argonaut II was merely the QRP version of the Delta II - it was easy to retain the "​II"​ designation for both transceivers.
 +We never referred to the Argo 556 as an Argonaut, admittedly this could be hair-splitting. ​  When it was decided to name the 516, we
 +counted only the rigs that had been called "​Argonaut"​ (505, 509, 515, and 535) to come up with the "​V"​ designator.
 +We considered a whole bunch of other ideas for names beforehand but nothing really stuck - and that's generally how we name our
 +transceivers. ​ We kick around ideas until something that sounds like '​it'​ to a number of us presents itself. ​  Often the name for the
 +rig comes from Al Kahn, K4FW - who named both the Pegasus and Jupiter rigs as well as a number of the previous models.
 +Straying a bit here....but we came up with the name for Orion in much the same manner. ​ After deciding not to call it the Omni VII
 +or some other Omni designator we tried various ideas out, until the suggestion of Orion was put forth by Stan Brock from our sales
 +department - and everyone immediately liked that one.
 +The blame has been assigned!
 +Scott Robbins, W4PA

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