Hand-held Microphone Model 700


High quality electret condenser microphone cartridge with built-in IC preamplifier powered by self-contained 9V battery or by transceiver (steering diodes select the higher voltage if both are present). Comes with a push-to-talk switch built-in and with a coiled cord that can be extended to a seven foot length. Housed in an ABS plastic case.

Model 700 comes without the connector and Model 700-C has a standard four terminal locking type connector attached and wired for use with any Ten-Tec transceiver that has a mating chassis connector. Model 700-A has a standard 1/4" phone plug.


  • Type: Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Sensitivity: -65 dBV (0 dBV = 1V/uBar @ 1kHz).
  • Output Impedance: 400 ohms, typical @ 1 kHz).
  • Polarizing Power: Built-in 9 volt transistor battery or 4 to 10 volts DC @ 300 uA, typical.
  • Operating Temperature: -10o to +60o C.
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 130 dB.
  • PTT Switch: DPST storts Pin 3 (yellow lead) to GND and connects power source to cartridge.
  • Size: HWD 3-1/2" x 2-7/16" x 1-5/8".
  • Weight: 6-1/2 ounces, including battery and cable.

Cable Connections:

Function Model 700 Cable Model 700-C Connector Pin
Signal Lead White (Shielded) 1
Common GND Black & Shield 2
Push-To-Talk Switch Yellow 3
+ Polarizing Voltage Red 4
Not Used Blue -

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