Omni VII Model 588 Initial User Settings

From the Ten-Tec Reflector - January 30, 2008

Turn off the NR, turn off the AN, turn off the PREAMP, set the ATTN to OFF, turn the AF gain to a comfortable level {about 20% to 35% in my case} and back the RF gain down to 30 to 50% for most band conditions. Signals will pop out of the noise. For SSB I use the SLW AGC and for CW I use the MED and for PSK-31 and RTTY I use the FST AGC settings.

The radio has internal AGC associated with the DSP function. This AGC is not actually controllable or adjustable by the user. The gain structure is therefore quite different than traditional analog radios. Too much RF gain brings up the noise both internal and external. Presently using a 75M dipole for 75M, my AF gain is 23% and the RF gain is 36%.

As to the NR and AN functions, while they work quite well, like all processor controlled functions they do add some artifacts to received signals. I find that they are not for "general purpose" usage and thus better off with the functions turned off unless they improve things with the specific band conditions and specific signal to which one is listening.

I'll be glad to share any other info with you. Firmware version is 1.025.


January 30, 2008

Here's a list of my present operating parameters. Since there is no listing in the manual, some have asked where do we start? Of course the factory defaults work and work well. It is just that I've tried lots of values and have settled on these. Values below are those that I find nominal for SSB. Your antenna and local noise level might require somewhat different settings.

Firmware is 1.025 Mike is a 708A

  • AF gain = comfortable at 30%
  • RF gain = 34% using 75M dipole
  • MIC GAIN = 40% {this is affected by the hardware gain control and by the type mike}
  • SP = 35%
  • AGC = SLW for SSB
  • AGC = MED for CW
  • AGC = FST for PSK-31 and RTTY
  • NR = OFF
  • AN = OFF
  • ATTN = OFF
  • PRE = OFF
  • NCH = OFF
  • NB = OFF
  • BW = 3000 {adjust to your taste}
  • PBT = 0000 {adjust to your taste}

From the MENU:

  • SSB TX BW = 3200 Hz
  • TX ROLL OFF = 100 Hz
  • VOX TRIP = 90%
  • ANTI VOX = 7%
  • VOX HANG = 10%

A comment: Too much DSP mike gain will cause distortion. The ALC LED should flash on peaks and should never be solid on. The external power meter, being analog, shows peaks to be about 25 to 30 watts.

If you should have specific questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask.

Bob, K4TAX

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