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 +====== Omni VII Firmware Update Procedure ======
 +**From the Omni VII Yahoo Group - February 27, 2007**
 +Hey everyone. I did the Omni VII flash update last night . The way they discribe how to update in my Owners manuel is incorrect. The correct way to update the Omni VII is in the firmware how to in the downloaded update.
 +Here is the correct way to get the OmniVII into the update mode.
 +Updating the FLASH FIRMWARE on Ten-Tec OMNI-VII
 +  -Turn Transceiver OFF.
 +  -Connect a PC to the transceiver using the appropriate cable.
 +  -Turn the Transceiver ON while holding down the "​0"​ button. Wait for display to indicate "Key Is Pressed"​
 +  -Start the Update program
 +  -Select the COM port to which the Transceiver is attached.
 +  -Choose UPDATE under the PROCESS menu.
 +  -Select the RUF file under the Process Menu.
 +  -The program will update the radio and report any errors encountered. During the update process the OMNI-VII screen will indicate progress.
 +  -If a master RESET should be done it will be indicated on the screen.
 +I am loving my new Omni VII .
 +John WB4QDA

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