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Omni VII Firmware History & Download Archive

Note: The firmware downloads below are only the .ruf files, which is the actual file you upload to the Omni VII. You must use the Update program which comes with the latest firmware download from the Ten-Tec website to install the .ruf file.

Version 1.001

  • Initial Production Release.

Version 1.002

Download 1.002

  • Modified FM Mode transmit level control.

Version 1.003

  • SWR Meter Wasn’t Updating on perfect match
  • MONITOR wasn’t working in REMOTE mode (no audio at all)
  • MONITOR was weak in Upper Side Band
  • FM Transmit Audio weak from Ethernet
  • Increased Default value for Sidetone Volume
  • Changed Default Step Size to 10Hz

Version 1.004

Download 1.004

  • Audio could be heard with HP connected, pressing RIT
  • Improved Transmit audio over Ethernet
  • Improved VOX TRIP versus Speaker Peaking

Version 1.005

Download 1.005

  • Auto Flow Control could fail on serial port
  • Keyer Mode A and B sometimes reversed
  • Add Identifier for remote/radio mode to Start String
  • Provide forward and reflected power on S-Unit query during transmit
  • Added way to disable Ethernet in remote mode for serial users.
  • Added Remote Encoder Rotation Notification to POD PASSTHRU mode.
  • Amp Key getting driven high at wrong time
  • CWType Character Count on serial query incorrect on buffer wraps and overflows

Version 1.006

  • Couldn't hear CW Sidetone on GUI when using CWType
  • If Keyer Mode was ON (A or B), didn't accept PTT-KEY from GUI
  • Slow POD turn causes adjustment in opposite direction
  • In Split mode, could get wrong forward and reflected power measurement on 6Meter
  • Modified FM Transmit Level

Version 1.007

Download 1.007

  • Resolved first transmit issue when changing from FSK to Sideband modes
  • Modified FM Deviation
  • Modified AM Carrier Level

Version 1.008

  • PassCode takes too many turns to adjust reasonably
  • Added SWR Bargraph
  • SWR Meter flickers between 1.0/1.1 and 1.x, now more stable
  • UDP Port Number only adjustable by even numbers
  • Manual Notch Width adjustment error
  • In REV allow VFO adjustments by main encoder even if main encoder LOCKed
  • Permit 6kHz mechanical filter in AM Receive Mode
  • Using POD Fn Key for REV, couldn't adjust Frequency
  • On Memory Store, display current Frequency in Memory On Top Row
  • Limit AM Receive DSP BW to 9000
  • Continuous Sweep could set AGC rate to OFF

Version 1.009

Download 1.009

NOTE: Due to non-volatile memory layout changes, going from 1.008 to 1.009 will force a master reset.

  • Resolved signal strength report if queried too fast serially
  • Initial 6Mtr Output higher than desired when selecting < 100W.
  • Sporadic remote pod digit entry
  • Attenuator settings not remembered after power reset
  • Remember Antenna selection per band
  • Remember PreAmp selection per band
  • Added SPL, A=B, and RIT ON/OFF to the Pod Functions

Version 1.010

Download 1.010

  • CW Keyer Settings Incorrect (menu versus radio display)
  • 6M Auto Tune Message not displayed
  • When Split, VFO B not red. Affected many display items also.

Version 1.011

Download 1.011

NOTE: Due to non-volatile memory layout changes, going from 1.010 to 1.011 will force a master reset.

  • With AN/NR/NB all engaged, system was sluggish. Improved this.
  • Also helps out RIP and TRIP performance, losing less packets.
  • Some changes not always remembered when changing bands or band stacks
  • With Headphones Connected, sometimes could still get audio into speakers
  • Problem with Recall Sub. Showed itself in several areas as display issues

Version 1.012

Download 1.012

  • Add Internal Temperature Control of approximately 70deg C
  • Implemented optimized internal device setup
  • Prevent DSP BW changes when in Transmit
  • Added way to Clear CWType ahead buffer(new feature in upcoming One Plug GUI 1.0.3)

Version 1.013

Download 1.013

  • Removed test letter from version (f)
  • Fixed ATTN Selection, broken in 1.012

Version 1.014

Download 1.014

  • Voice Modes, Key Down, without mic audio the SWR says 9.9:1, even with perfect match
  • FMCTCSS Tones not connecting to a repeater
  • Increase Over Temp Shutoff Temperature
  • Increase SW ALC trip point for CW
  • After Over Temp occurs, Power Level gets stuck at 20w
  • Key Loop On, then Key Loop Off, won't transmit until you reset rig or you jumper Txout to TXen
  • Add RIPCompressionVersion Byte to Get Ethernet Setup Query
  • Improved RIP/TRIP performance. Optimized algorithms in interrupt routine.
  • Improved Reliability of control of Remote TUNE function

Version 1.015

Download 1.015

  • TX Power Meter left the S up, instead of P (visual)
  • Set RF Gain to 100% when doing a sweep. Permits full signal gain so low signals are seen, and not overwritten with low RF Gain setting.
  • Multiple buffer throughput enhancements to handle RIP/TRIP data faster/more reliable. (biggest gain in RIP/TRIP performance will be with 1.015 connected with 1.0.3 One Plug)

Version 1.016

Download 1.016

  • Power Meter not shown with normal CW speeds
  • Add Transmit over serial ability in radio mode for loggers "*Tx"
  • Add Split over serial ability in radio mode for loggers "*Nx"

Version 1.017

Download 1.017

  • Key Speed above 40wpm didn't show ALC action on LED
  • Mode not remembered if changed then immediately switch bands
  • Added Compression 16 to 8 bit for RIP and TRIP (In One Plug Version 1.0.4)
  • Don't allow TUNE when transmitting
  • Don't allow transmit when TUNEing
  • Increased Monitor Level
  • Recalling Memories could force split
  • Amp Key released still in Transmit, correct after menu
  • Added Main Mode to radio's remote display
  • Added way to turn Display On and Off via Remote (eth and serial)
  • Added MARS capabilities (will require an additional PC program to enable)

Version 1.018

Download 1.018

  • CW Waveform Incorrectly Transmit Gain Controlled
  • Recall Memory Cancel Not per Manual
  • 6Meter Voice Mode Transmit Error after Forced Master Reset
  • TRIP Error Handler Adjustment (Will Utilize GUI 1.0.5)

Version 1.019

Download 1.019

  • Added AF and RF gain displayed simultaneously
  • Remove RF Gain adjustment text from display if = 100% and modifying AF
  • Auto IF Changes due to DSP BW changes caused a spike in audio and Smeter
  • Allow Radio to handle TRIP and RIP commands independently
  • Set Band Stacking lower limit to 105khz below Ham lower limit for band stacking purposes
  • Modified RIP handling to improve receive audio transmit on the Internet
  • Modified TRIP handling to improve transmit audio quality
  • Mute Audio At Rig Remotely
  • In Remote Mode, allow current settings to be stored automatically if RIP and TRIP are both off
  • In Remote Mode, if the Radio Display is turned OFF, allow any key pressed to re-enable display
  • In Remote Mode, if the Audio at Rig is muted, allow any key pressed to un-mute the audio
  • Added MARS Query capability to update program (when using a special query ruf file)
  • Improved program verification in the Update program
  • Allow Radio to remember current settings when RIP and TRIP are off (15 seconds after user interaction)

Version 1.020

Download 1.020

  • Tuner erroneously went to bypass if sweep goes out of band
  • RIT/XIT value could get corrupted via Serial or Ethernet changes
  • AF value offset on screen moved left
  • Ignore CWType characters if not in CW mode
  • Reduce background noise on Remote compressed Transmits (TRIP)
  • Certain MARS frequencies added
  • Incorporate the new update.exe version 4.06 as used in boot loader 1.003

Version 1.021

Download 1.021

  • MON can get into state where it can't be turned off
  • SP button should not turn off CW if it is on, when coming from a different menu item
  • Make the Multi Knob items traverse items based on transmit mode
  • Make it more obvious on the display as to which of the AF / RF items is being adjusted
  • Added a query during master reset whether to clear the Frequency Memories or not
    • "CLEAR MEMORIES? RIT=YES,XIT=NO", affects the V>M settings only. Bypassed if memory map changes
    • Current Status Memory and Band Stack Registers are reset regardless of selection
  • Improve NR
  • Improve AN
  • Passband was 85Hz off on FSK modes

Version 1.022

Download 1.022

  • Allow Memory Selection by the Multi Encoder to wrap from 99 to 0 and 0 to 99
  • Add Split state to band stack registers and frequency memories
  • Do not force split if Recall Sub is ON
  • Improved audio performance when utilizing multiple DSP features together.
    • RX-EQU with AN with NR and with NB all turned on.
  • Corrected error where %'s could be shown off by one in the Menu
  • Increase Internal CW Keyer Weight factor range from 0..24% to 0..50%.
    • The higher settings allow you to adjust to get stronger CW than 1.021 can achieve.
    • 0% gives a little less than 1:1 dit to space ratio.
    • 10% is approximately 1:1 dit to space ratio, standard CW. Also the default.
    • 50% gives almost 2:1 dit to space ratio.
    • Compatible with One Plug 1.0.6. But One Plug 1.0.6 value is 1/2 actual value in radio.
    • Updated One Plug to be released at a later date.
  • Band Stack memory storage should only contain transmit frequencies within the ham bands
    • If you traverse out of band, and then switch to another band, the band stack registers will not be overwritten. e.g. if you are on an AM broadcast band, they won't be stored into the band stack registers.
    • MARS band stack storage is limited to MARS transmit frequencies.
    • Frequency Memories can store any frequency values.
  • Improve debouncing of Remote Pod function key presses
  • Maintain the Sweep Grid during Continuous Sweep (Continually holding down SWP Key)
  • Resolved erroneous signal strength indications at the first few cells of a sweep

Version 1.023

Download 1.023

  • Intermittent POD FN Key Press Failures
  • Enabled Frequency changes when using POD for REV
  • XIT Transmit Frequency adjustment was off
  • Sweep Cursor was two pixels off center
  • Lengthen Lead In Buffer for TRIP to help Remote Transmit quality
  • Added support for SteppIR Main Frequency Query
    • Set SteppIR to ORION Mode
    • Set OMNI-VII menu item "SERIAL IF" to "SteppIR/CT"
  • Added support for CT Logger Main Mode Query

Version 1.024

Download 1.024

  • 10mtr and 17mtr couldn't be selected immediately after master reset. Any other key press would then enable these buttons to work properly.
  • Increase rate at which Signal Strength and Transmit Power is measured in remote modes. They are added to the RIP audio packets for real time usage.
  • Switching from Transmitter Disabled to Transmitter Enabled could increase power level where the next transmit would result in an over current shutdown.
  • Improve AM Modulation Index
  • Improve FM Modulation Index
  • Improve interaction when AN/NCH and NR and NB and RX EQU are simultaneously turned on and operating
  • Improve Auto Notch effectiveness
  • Improve Remote Transmit TRIP audio quality
  • Improve Remote Receive RIP audio quality
    • Note - improvements work better with 1.0.7 One Plug GUI but still compatible with 1.0.6 GUI
  • Show Grid only after sweep, not during
  • Added an "M" indicator to the version for MARS enabled rigs.
    • Seen in version string displayed when A=B is depressed and in the version string returned serially and via the Ethernet for Version Queries.

Version 1.025

Download 1.025

Problems resolved:

  • Receive modes have digital artifacts depending upon RF Gain, AGC, and signal conditions
  • Lower the 60m transmit limit for UK to 5.2535 (5.2585-5k tolerance)

Version 1.026

Download 1.026

  • Frequency set at 52535 shows up in the 80m band stack registers.
  • Improved flow of SteppIR Mode ?A Query.
  • Slowed Down Multi Knob rotation for memory selections.
  • Slowed Down Remote Pod Encoder RIT adjustment.
  • Removed SWEEP Tone from headphone.
  • Handle fragmentation bits in UDP Packet Headers.
  • Adjust remote transmit time out to 5 seconds.
  • Improve Preamp recall per band.
  • Improve Antenna Selection recall per band.
  • Remember AF/RF selection upon power cycle.
  • Improve NR effectiveness.
  • Improve AN effectiveness.
  • Improve AN/NR/NB/NCH/RXEQU interaction/loading.
  • Add TRIP GAIN Adjustment for remote transmits. (Requires One Plug version 1.0.8 to utilize.)

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