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 +==Paragon II - Dallas RTC Chip==
 +//(posted on 11/2/12 by Pete Bertini)//
 +My Paragon II had the original Dallas chips, despite the rig's age the
 +internal 3 volt lithium cells were still viable in both of the Dallas
 +devices. To be proactive, I ordered two replacements from vendors in China.
 +The SRAM chip was already four years old when I received it... old stock...
 +The two Dallas RTC time chips had good date codes, but the internal lithium
 +cells had failed--they both measured 1.80 volts instead of 3.3 volts. ​ If
 +you decide to replace your Paragon II Dallas chips, I'd suggest ordering
 +fresh parts from an American vendor or through Ten Tec, if they have.
 +Adding IC sockets for these two chips might be a good idea for future
 +replacements. If you're brave, the internal lithium battery has tabs and is
 +soldered to pins on an internal IC chip; and can be replaced with a bit of
 +hacking. I'd keep old chips on hand for the day when NOS chips are no
 +longer made.

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