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 73\\  73\\ 
 Steve N4LQ Steve N4LQ
 +**December 20, 2004**
 +I would like to thank Steve for posting this information concerning incorrect component values in the Paragon II audio filter circuit. ​ Minutes after I received this e-mail last night, I checked the IF/audio board in my Paragon II, and while I found that R65 was the correct value, R64 was not.
 +The Paragon II schematic shows that R64 is supposed to be 10K (as Steve mentions), but my audio board had a 33K.  The difference in audio filter performance when R64 is changed from 33K to 10K is striking, and the filter is now a true asset to the CW performance of the radio.
 +My biggest complaint regarding the documentation for the Paragon II is that unlike the Paragon I, the manual does not include a component-layout drawing (at least this is the case with the Oct, 1993 manual I have). ​ So to do something as simple as checking these resistor values, you have to remove the board, guess which IC is which, start counting IC pins and match the schematic to the board. ​ Checking all the resistor values in the audio filter section took some time as it was necessary to flip the board over
 +many times to see what traces go where, and what part is tied to each trace.
 +Scott\\ ​

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