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 +====== N4PY Paragon EPROM Upgrade Chip ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector September 18, 2006**
 +I have developed a new Paragon EPROM chip for all Paragons. ​ The new chip greatly enhances the operation of the Paragon.
 +Highlites of the new function:
 +  *Two band stacking registers for each ham band
 +  *Icom CI-V serial port operation for logging programs
 +  *Up/Down arrows move to next band by mode
 +  *Frequency Scan
 +  *Quick Split
 +  *Provisions for front panel receive antenna control
 +  *Special memory tune by mode
 +The chip is available for $30.  Send an email to me at n4py at arrl.net for more information.
 +Carl Moreschi N4PY

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