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 +====== Paragon Model 585 Improved AM Broadcast Band Sensitivity ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector - September 5, 2008**
 +For those who like to do a little AM broadcast band dxing with their Paragon 585 transceiver,​ there is a very simple mod that will greatly improve reception. ​
 +Normally, for frequencies below 1.7 MHz the Paragon'​s receive RF amp is bypassed. By simply unplugging the connector going to J16 on the
 +first mixer board this function will be disabled and you will have full sensitivity on the AM broadcast band. 
 +The front panel ATTEN switch will still function and unless you have a high powered broadcast station within a few blocks of your location you won't need to use it.
 +Les Layton

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