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 +====== 580 Bias Adjustment to Finals ======
 +**From Ten-Tec Reflector August 27, 1996**
 +Here is the proper procedure for final bias adjustment for the Delta 580 (not outlined in the operating manual).
 +On the bias board, turn R23 down to zero.  Locate final amplifier board. Unsolder the large red B+ wire from the board. ​ Unplug connector #57 turn it 90 degrees, replug in so only the blue wire from the connector is connected, leaving an open pin.  Place an ammeter between the red B+ wire and this open pin.  Adjust R17 on final amplifier board for 50 to 60 milliamps. ​ Replug connector 57 correctly. ​ Place ammeter between the red B+ wire and the spot it was unsoldered from. Adjust R23 on bias board for 500 milliamps. ​ Reattach red B+ wire.
 +If any of this is unclear, please contact Garland Jenkins in Ten-Tec service at (423) 428-0364 M-F 8-4 Eastern.
 +73, Scott Robbins KY2P, Ten-Tec

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