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 +====== Delta Model 580 Attenuator Control Mod ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector June 13, 2005**
 +I used a 580 Delta for years and loved it!  Like you, I like to operate with the RF gain.  Since it didn't have one I used the On/Off function of the volume control (which is pull on/push off, I believe) to operate a DPDT relay I installed inside the 580 in the area of the 20 dB attenuator switch (which is located on the back panel!) ​ Basically, the contacts of the relay were wired in parallel with the switch if I remember correctly, so you won't be undoing much of anything besides borrowing the power switch. ​ Plenty of
 +room in there for a little Aromat DPDT PCB relay.
 +Power on and off was then controlled by the switch based circuit breaker that TenTec supplied.
 +It was a great work around and the radio was excellent besides missing that one feature. ​ The 20dB atten was just about right most of the time when I needed to cut down on overall gain, which for me, was most of the time.  It was probably "​on"​ more than off.  I operated CW mostly on 80 and 40 meters doing traffic handling in the evenings.
 +Hope that helps.
 +Randy\\ ​

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