Replace Orion 1000 Hz Filter with Inrad 600 Hz Filter

W4ZV - Replace 1000 Hz Roofing Filter with International Radio's Model 762 600 Hz Filter

From the Ten-Tec Reflector February 22, 2006


>If you do not have the 1.8khz filter installed, then you can put the 1khz filter in that slot and the 762 in the 1khz slot.


>if you put the 1k filter in the 1.8 slot and the 762 in the 1k slot, do you still have to "enable" them in the menu?

First a few facts:

  1. The Inrad 762 is actually ~640 Hz BW.
  2. The stock TT 1000 is actually ~1070 Hz BW.
  3. The TT 1800 is actually ~1900 Hz in SSB, BUT…
  4. The TT 1800 is actually ~1400 Hz BW in CW Mode (I don't understand why but that's what it is!)

If you do *NOT* have an 1800, you can move the 1000 to the 1800 slot but need to enable 1.8k in Menu>Filter. If you do that, remember that the 1000 will be selected when you set BW to 1800 to 1000, and the 600 will be selected for BW 990 and below. If you use Auto Filter, also remember that setting BW to 1800 on SSB will result in a bandwidth which will be unusable on SSB. A simple alternative is to remember to DISABLE the 1.8k position when you are operating SSB and want BW's <1800 Hz.

If you *DO* have the 1800, I recommend simply removing the 1000 filter. The reason being that the 1800's actual BW on CW is ~1400 Hz, which is not that much greater than the 1000's actual 1070 Hz, so you really don't need the 1000. Furthermore, if you now switch to SSB, the 1800 works fine without having to go into Menu to change anything. I have an 1800 and I simply store my stock 1000 in the 500 slot but leave "500" in the Menu disabled.

In either case, just remember that the 600 will switch in when BW is set to 990 or below, and whatever is in your 1800 slot will be in use when BW is set to 1000 or higher (in Filter>Auto mode).

73, Bill W4ZV

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