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 ====== Orion Internal Contrast Control ====== ====== Orion Internal Contrast Control ======
-**From the Orion Reflector April 3, 2006*+        Remove the Orion’s covers (4 #2 Phillips and 18 #10 Torx screws ) 
- +        Turn on the Orion and confirm that the software CONTRAST in the OTHER menu is set for 50% (This is the factory default value.) 
-The internal contrast needs to be set. This control is accessible through small hole on the  bottom right of the front panel (looking from the front) with the bottom  cover removedSet the internal contrast to 50% and adjust this control for proper contrast. +        Set the Orion on your bench with the bottom side facing up 
- +        * The hardware CONTRAST adjusting potentiometer is located in a hole about an inch back from the front panel on the bottom side of the Orion near the MODE buttonAdjust for best display.
-73,\\  +
-Paul R. Clinton\\  +
-WD4EBR\\  +
-Service  Manager+