Omni VI+ Serial Port Test

From the Ten-Tec Reflector February 25, 1998

KL7HF wrote:

One feature that has been added - and NOT DOCUMENTED, is a serial port test routine.

To use, fire up a standard communications emulator program such as Procomm, etc. Set up for 1200/N/8/1 and the serial port you will use. Connect a standard modem cable - straight thru, not a null modem cable - between the computer serial port and the DB-25 serial connector on the Omni-6.

Hold down the "FM" button on the Omni while turning it on.

It will allow you to check for proper config on the serial input.

Pretty neat. TenTec always comes through! (Wish they had put it in the manual!)

W4PA wrote:

This is correct. It only operates at 1200 baud. This serial port config test routine will work on the Omni-VI Plus or Omni-VI's that have been upgraded to VI+, but not the original Omni-VI transceiver.

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