Omni VI+ Clock Fix

From the Ten-Tec Reflector October 13, 2004

I have an OMNI VI option 3 whose clock does not work. I replaced the battery (positive side up) and exercised all the connectors. It reads 02:04 when CCd is set to ON. When the clock is reset it will accept the new time up until the last digit is entered, then it will revert back to 0204 and not advance with time.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

73 de Dave in NH

October 14, 2004

Thanks for the suggestions about my clock problem.

I did finally call Ten Tec. It was suggested to put a 'scope across the clock XTYL to see if it was working. Yup. Another look at the schematic showed a variable cap. across the XTYL for fine tuning the time. After checking out the adjusting slot orientation- one short turn to exercise it- then back to where it had been set and it started right up.

73 de Dave in NH

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