Omni V Reset Procedure

From the Ten-Tec Reflector February 7, 2004

I was forced to do a reset early in my ownership of the Omni V and a call to the factory gave me the following info:

  • power off
  • push reset and hold
  • power on (after 5 seconds release reset button)

They also mentioned a 2nd reset procedure!

  • power off
  • push CLR/CLK and hold
  • power on and hold button until you hear a beep

Unfortunately my notes don't specify the differences between the 2 methods? Sorry!

In answer to your offset question. I have not had that specific problem BUT other strange things have indeed happened to the receive that were cured by a reset.

Finally, since I got the Omni V.9 mod up and running (4 plus years) I don't think I've done a reset on the Omni V.9!



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