Omni VI Audio Level Spread Mod

From the Ten-Tec Reflector January 13, 2007

On every Omni VI I have had, the audio pot is only useable over 10% of its range as it is way too loud.

I needed to check out some new filters and had the bottom off of the Omni VI, SO……….

I put a 70 ohm , 1/8 watt resistor between wiper and af min on audio pot at connector 55 on Lower pot board.

Did this on Lower pot board as it was easiest, you could pull the if/af board, too but I did not.

Flip rig with bottom off and front toward you.

Lower pot board is on right front…connect 70 ohms(or so) between 2nd and 3rd solder trace counting from the left.

Works like a charm. Normal audio level is at 12 o clock now instead of 7 o'clock……..

I didn't have to pull any boards either.

I can only guarantee this on my rig, not responsible for yours.

Best regards.


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