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-====== Omni V Speaker Pop Mod ====== 
-**From Ten-Tec Reflector May 2, 1998** 
-Cure for first dot on cw speaker pop or first microphone ptt pop in speaker. 
-Add a 470k resistor to U10 on the IF/AF board between pin 5 and ground is the factory mod. I did the following on mine. 
-Locate R78, 330k beside U10. Solder a 100k resistor from the lead of R78, nearest the front panel, to ground. The 100k seemed to be more effective on mine. 
-Soldering to the lead of R78 is more easily done than soldering to U10's lead and can easily be done from the top without removing the board. 
-Steve Ellington ​ N4LQ 

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