N4PY Omni V.92 EPROM Upgrade Chip

Original info posted by N4PY to the Ten-Tec Reflector September 21, 2006

I have made up a new batch of Omni V chips. These chips are what I am calling my Omni V.9 version 2 chips. In this chip, there is no longer any need to do the extensive serial port mod that was required for serial port operation in my original Omni V.9 chip. The only thing needed for this chip is to install it and relabel 3 keys on the Omni V keyboard.

New functions for the Omni V.9 version 2 chip are:

  • Up/Down arrow function for quick split
  • Revised tuning rates by mode
  • Icom CI-V serial port operation
  • Memory tune operation
  • Band Stacking Registers
  • Direct Frequency Entry
  • Memories that hold split frequencies

Changes from stock Omni V to Omni V.92

  • Up/Dn Arrow step changes from 10/30KHz to 100KHz and now requires double tap
  • single tap of Up/Dn now initiates split operation, followed by 1-9 to set KHz offset
  • CW tuning rate goes from 10/50KHz per rev to 1.2/4.8KHz per rev
  • SSB tuning rate goes from 10/50KHz per rev to 4.8/9.6KHz per rev
  • Omni VI CAT command set implemented for Logging software support
  • direct frequency entry is now supported
  • independent calibration of each band's crystal oscillator is now supported
  • various new memory functions

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