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 +====== Control Inrad Roofing Filter in Omni V with NB Switch ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector February 24, 2007**
 +I recently picked up an Inrad Roofing Filter for my Omni V and was in the process of installing it and thought it would be great if I were able to turn the roofing filter on and off independent of the other filters.
 +Searching the TT archives I came upon a post from Rick VE7TK who suggested replacing the NB Width pot with a pot that has an SPST switch and moving the NB on/off to the switch on the pot. Doing this frees up the NB switch for use with the roofing filter.
 +I contacted Rick to discuss this mod and he said he sold his rig before he got around to doing it. He still had the pot and was kind enough to send it to me. The pot is Mouser Electroincs p/n 531-PC16SC1A-10K.
 +The mod is simple and striaght forward, remove the knobs, phone jack nut and tuning encoder nut. Remove the 4 front panel screws and you will be able to pull the panel out enough to access the pot. Cut the shaft on the new pot to length so you can install it easily. I found the wires long enough to reach the switch terminals on the pot.
 +You will use the 2 pin mass term plug supplied with the roofing filter and attach it to the switch board at #67 lengthen the wires and route them through the chassis to the filter. I am switching ground to the roofing filter board relay to insert or remove the filter.
 +Thanks to Rick for coming up with this simple slick mod with no loss of functionality.
 +Joe N2OUV

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