Omni V Disable Amp Relay Mod

From Ten-Tec Reflector July 4, 1998

I installed an SPST toggle switch on the upper left corner of the back panel (above all the connections. I interuppted the signal to the base of the relay driver transistor and ran it through the switch. I can reach over the radio and toggle the switch when I want to engage the amp. Otherwise I operate with the relay silenced.

It is a ten minute mod except you have to drill a small hole in the back-ouch! I hate to deface anything- but no one sees it and it doesn't really look out of place. Wonder why TT didn't do it in the first place?

The Omni VI silences the relay in software, but you have to scroll through the menu sytem to do it. Simple old me- I prefer the switch!

Best wishes de John, WA5TWL

From the Ten-Tec Reflector July 6, 1998

I have done the same as John, except I didn't mount my switch on the rear panel.

Instead, I found (after a lot of head scratching) a spot to get through the rear panel with a piece of RG-174 and have the switch lying underneath the front of the radio, just behind the bail wire. I sneaked through the rear panel beside the power connector. There's plenty of space for a couple of conductors, but I used RG-174.



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