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 +====== Omni Series C Audio Mod ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector September 19, 1999**
 +Here is a simple mod for improved audio on the Omni C. I have not tested it on other Omni series such as A, B, D etc. but most likely it would have the same effect. It gives a boost to voice frequencies and a slight peak around 600-700hz for cw. All signals seem to be much easier to copy with the now brilliant sounding audio.
 +Parts needed.........1ea. 1 meg resistor
 +  - Remove bottom cover of rig.
 +  - Locate the audio-sidetone board. This is the one with the sidetone pots. There is no need to remove the board.
 +  - Solder the resistor between pin 2 of IC-1 (LM-380) and AF-Output. Instead of soldering directly to pin 2 of IC-1, you may want to solder to R8's (10K) lead which connects to pin 2 and the other end to C11's negative lead.
 +  - I suggest sliding some insulation over the 1 meg resistor'​s leads to prevent shorting.
 +  - Replace the bottom cover and enjoy.
 +Steve N4LQ

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