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 +====== Triton IV QSK Amp Loop Mod ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector November 8, 2000**
 +I just got the scoop from Garland Jenkins at TT Service as to how to add the QSK loop interface to the TT 544 coming into my shack.
 +As I had at least one request from reflector-ites for that info if I found it, I am posting it now.
 +Cut the wire to the "​T/​R"​ pin to the Control board (p. 3-40 in manual LHS) run the loose cut end to a RCA phono jack to go to the amp. The returning ACK signal goes then to the cut end attached to the control board via a 2nd RCA phono jack. In other words, grounding pin "​T/​R"​ puts the rig into transmit and that is to be supplied from the amp after the amp is '​ready'​ rather than from the wire coming in from the rig (now to be rounted '​to'​ the amp instead).
 +Same scheme as I added to the OmniD many moons ago.
 +I hope this helps someone out there.
 +Allan Taylor ​ K7GT

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