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 73 de Klaus DL1AVD 73 de Klaus DL1AVD
 +**May 1, 2004**
 +Not sure about the Delta II.... but a good source for luminesent back light material is Miller Engineering.
 +It's rated at 140 to 225 volts, 400 to 1600 Hz.  One 6 x 4 sheet of this film made two new backlights for my Harris RF-350K and cost $22.95. ​ Lower voltages just mean dimmer backlighting. I used a 115 volt source on the Harris for the original ​ backlight and it's perfect. ​ Fantastic stuff.....they sell a small power supply that will run them off AA or AAA batteries if you don't have a voltage source on the rig.... I'm sure you could tap it into the radio somewhere. ​ Works great for scanners etc too like the RS
 +http://​www.microstru.com/ ​ Kit # 2504 and you can just buy the sheet.
 +Mike Melland, W9WIS

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