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 +====== Titan II Fan Mod ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector December 24, 2000**
 +In case others are frustrated with their Titan II's, I offer them this FYI:
 +My new Xmas present to myself had a fan which sounded like a helicopter and even shook the table. I cured that entirely objectionable problem by constructing a pressurized wooden platform for the amp to sit upon. The one inch thick material is 5 1/2 inches high, thus also elevating the amp to a more desirable height for viewing its meters. The top and bottom edges are lined with thick felt strips for an air tight fit.
 +A 10 foot long clothes dryer hose (4" dia.) runs from this base to a cubby hole closet which our house builder conveniently provided under a short stairwell. In there is a remote squirrel cage blower, Fasco cat. no. F2-2440, ordered online from www.herbach.com. It's made in USA and its dynamic pressure and volume exceed that of original Titan II's fan. Its round outlet flange snuggly fits directly into the clothes dryer hose. I glued it in there with Shoo Goo.
 +The blower is well balanced, smooth and quiet with no radio noise. The original fan was removed and set aside. Air enters through the original fan's bottom hole. The amp's rear feet were removed. This remote blower concept is not mine--Collins used it in their model AM-1 if my memory serves me right.
 +The Titan II is now virtually silent in operation. The slight hiss of air exhausting from the jug is subdued by placing a chimney-like muffler over the exhaust port. It is big enough to have no restriction of air flow and is lined inside with sound absorbing material. Both the platform base and the chimney muffler are painted Ten-Tec gray.
 +73,   ​Roy ​     K6XK         ​Iowa ​         Outback

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