Model 3001 Mobile Matcher


The Mobile Matcher is intended for use with whip mobile antennas as a capacitive base matching section. It provides one of four capacitive values available by means of a four position switch. The unit is housed in a small aluminum box with a two foot attached coaxial cable so that it can be located in the trunk or other convenient spot near the base of the antenna.

The Mobile Matcher coax center conductor is connected to the antenna where the feedline is attached and the braid is connected to ground.

Switch position '0' inserts only the cable capacitance of approximately 60 pF into the antenna circuit. As the knob is rotated clockwise, capacitance increases to approximately 180, 500, and 880 pF.

Approximate switch settings are:

Ham Band Position
75 - 80 Meters 3
40 Meters 2
30 Meters 1 or 2
20 Meters 1
10 - 15 Meters 0

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