Remote VFO Model 263


Duplicate of CORSAIR Model 560 transceiver VFO, Model 263 VFO is housed in a matching enclosure and provides 6 modes of dual frequency operation. LED's indicate selection of any of six modes of operation. CORSAIR transmit and receive, REMOTE transmit and receive, CORSAIR transmit - REMOTE receive, REMOTE transmit - CORSAIR receive, CORSAIR transmit - both receive, or REMOTE transmit - both receive. When in dual receive mode, front panel control A-B adjusts balance of the two received signals for most comfortable listening. Full break-in is retained in all modes. Frequency range and accuracy is the same as CORSAIR.

In addition to the remote VFO capability, Model 263 also has a 4-position crystal oscillator for fixed frequency operation. Out-of-band crystal frequencies (with some limitation) may be used as well as any in-band amateur frequencies.

Model 263 comes with connecting cable, less crystals. Power is obtained from the CORSAIR system.

Size: HWD 5.25 x 7.375 x 14 Wt: 4 lbs.

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