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 +====== Processor Care ======
 +**From Ten Tec Reflector June 19, 1997**
 +After a exchange of e-mail with Dale, KG5U, I decided to post this short note as he'd queried me direct about what causes processor death in the 2591, TT920, and AT920 handheld Ten-Tec VHF transceivers. ​ As noted before, the main processor chip for these rigs is no longer available and cannot be replaced should one quit operating.
 +According to our service department, the main cause of processor death is application of 12 or 13.8 VDC to the transceiver. ​ The battery pack and DC input for these rigs are 9 VDC, and higher voltages will eventually take the processor chip out.  These older rigs show up at hamfests without a manual, new owner sees DC input, puts 12V on it, voila - dead radio.
 +A lesser warning is to leave the power turned off when clipping the NiCd battery pack on (as noted in an addendum to the original manual).
 +Thank you !
 +Scott Robbins, W4PA
 +Amateur Radio Sales, Ten-Tec, Inc. 

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