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 +====== Model 255 Cure for Physical Vibration Hum ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector October 1, 2005**
 +For anyone who has a physical audible vibration-type hum from a Ten Tec 255 power supply, I have found a solution which works like a charm. ​ Running the supply from 230V/50Hz (like me) means that this problem is worse than when using 110V/60Hz.
 +I cured it by making four stand-off washers, each from four (folds) thicknesses of an old bicycle innner tube, and putting them between the transformer and its screws - it is almost totally quiet now!  The damping is huge - you could put your hand on top of the transformer and feel it very vibrate very strongly - now there is virtually nothing.
 +Vy 73
 +Steve, VK6VZ

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