QRP CW Transceiver Kit Model 1380

This is a current production model. Please visit Ten-Tec, Inc. for more information.


Three watt QRP CW transceiver kit for 80 meters.




  • Frequency Coverage: VFO tuning of any 50 kHz segment of CW sub-band. Tuning range is selected during winding of one toroid in the VFO circuit.
  • Frequency Control: Varactor tuned oscillator with potentiometer control. Temperature compensated LC components stabilize VFO.
  • Power requirement: 12-14 Vdc, 35 mA receive (no signal present), 80 mA receive (S-9 signal), 800 mA on transmit.
  • Antenna: 50 ohm unbalanced, SO-239 connector.
  • Construction: Black texture painted clamshell type steel top and bottom. Aluminum chassis, sub-panel and heatsink. One 3.5" x 5" double-sided circuit board.
  • Board mounted-components: 216 including 4 IC's, 19 transistors, 13 diodes.
  • Front panel controls: main tuning, RIT, volume, power on-off toggle switch.
  • Connectors: front panel 1/4" stero phone jack; rear panel SO-239 for antenna, 3 RCA-style phono jacks for key, dc input, accessory dc output.
  • RIT: +/- 1.5 kHz.
  • Dimensions: HWD 2.75" x 6" x 6". Weight 2.25 lbs./1.02 kg.


  • Type: single conversion superhet, JFET mixer
  • Sensitivity: .25 uv typical for 10 dB S/N
  • Selectivity: 4 pole crystal ladder filter (1 kHz nominal bandwidth).
  • AGC: audio derived
  • I-F: 11 MHz on 80 and 40 meter models, 14.32 MHz on 30 meter model, 6.14 MHz on 20 meter model.
  • Audio: 300 mW @ 4 ohms. Built-in 4" speaker in top of cabinet.


  • RF Output: 3 watts, no external adjustment.
  • T/R Switching: solid state, full break-in.
  • CW Offset and sidetone: Adjustable 400-1000 Hz sidetone automatically tracks offset frequency. Sinewave sidetone has internal adjustment.

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